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    As this is a Beta test, and I'm currently alone here, I figured I'd just post something as I just got done doing blurbs for all of my books.

    I hate blurbs... like really bloody hate them, I can write till the cows come home no problem.

    Novel? sure why the hell not. Novella? lets give it a bash and see if I can stop babbling more than 30-40K worth of words, yet a friggin blurb or synopsis? christ on a cracker I'm screwed.

    I sit and stare at the blank page forever, it's weird, I have Angels, and Demons battling against each other then against Gods of the 9 levels blah blah blah but a blurb? I'm totally stuck.

    The funny thing way back when in the early 2000's is that I could never write anything more than a few thousand words, so I jumped into prose poetry to get my very short stories out, fast forward to today, and a few thousand words or less is exactly what I need.

    It's funny how we evolve as writers even when we don't realize we are, this world I've created filled with Angels and Demons mixed with humans keeps getting bigger, and I'd like to think better (Don't we all?) came from an attempt at writing erotica... turns out I'm not very good at it, but it did help me create this world... so there's that at least.

    Not overly Angel or Demon related really, but it is about my books related to just that... so that's my connection and it works for me...

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