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I'm a writer of dark realist prose poetry in my spare time, but my full time is spent on writing Angel/Demon/Magic Fantasy.

I'm a believer that people don't need to have massive chronicles to read as they weigh down their bag as it smacks into the plastic container filled with last nights dinner, but also small books to keep them occupied while on the train/bus going to and from work, nothing over the top or so in depth that they miss their station/bus stop.

Light, dark yet good humored tales to capture their imagination and let them forget about the guy that smells like onions sitting next to them, or the guy talking really loud on his phone thinking everyone wants to hear what he did over the weekend.

So my novels are mostly short and easy to read. Plus I have novellas connected to each story that beefs up the characters in small none major cataclysmic events that bring them more to life and give them depth.

I've personally been around the world 6 times, and have lived in many different countries. Australia, UK, Holland, Ireland, and now America currently to name but a few.

In all my travels I have come across many weird and amazing people. Some of which I still owe money to (I have never forgotten about you, and if we meet again I shall give it back with interest) still... many of those people made me a little envious of their lives, their attitudes when compared to my dull always dark view from the bottom of the valley floor looking up... but still... we all have a closet filled with self doubt don't we?

Still... these people I have met have all become an amalgam of so many of my characters, no one I create is a single entity all on their own, and I hope when I start to get my novels out into the world, people will see a little of many other people they have met in their own life time in my characters, and appreciate my words.

If not... thanks for buying my books... they are none refundable.




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