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Crap title I know, but I suck at titles, sue me.

So I'm a writer of dark realist poetry with four books currently out on Amazon and I'm in the middle of setting up my Angel/Demon book series with Novellas on the side to give my world a more beefy character build.

The poetry, like I mentioned, is dark. Some of it pretty damn dark. Personally, I don't like a lot of it, but I've been told its good... just, dark. (This seems to be the running description from everyone that reads it.)

Still, given most of it is based on my observations and experiences in life how can it be anything but dark these days? 

Anyway, as I'm more a writer than poet I'll be dedicating myself to my current Angel/Demon books along with another trilogy, co-written with my much better half. It's a Sci/Fi / Fantasy series, but that is still at the bones level of creation.

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